Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file that is saved in the browser of your computer or mobile device by the web server when a website is visited. A cookie contains a unique code that allows you to recognize your browser. Cookies can be placed by the web server of the website you visit or by partners with whom a website cooperates. The server of a website can only read the cookies that he has placed himself, he has no access to other information that is on your computer. The purpose of cookies is to make the interaction between the visitor and the website easier and faster. They also help the visitor to navigate between the different parts of a website.

Cookie policy

Below is a list of the cookies used on this website.
If you do not allow the use of cookies, some functions and pages will not work as expected. This website has no control over the distribution of any third-party cookies.

  • Direct cookies:
    can be created or sent by this website during your visit
  • Functional cookies:
    watch over the correct functioning of the website (eg cookies for login or registration, language preferences). Functional cookies also belong to the direct cookies.
  • Comfort cookies:
    are placed on the website for statistical, social and commercial purposes or to make general usage profiles. Comfort cookies help make surfing more comfortable, easier and more user-friendly. These types of cookies can be both direct and indirect cookies.
  • Cookies for statistical purposes
    register the consulted pages of the website (eg Google Analytics);
  • Permanent cookies:
    stay on the hard disk for a long, predefined period or until you delete them. They are activated each time you visit the website that provided you with the cookie. This is especially true for cookies from social media. Permanent cookies are usually comfort cookies.
  • Session cookies or temporary cookies:
    they make the surfing experience of a surfing session easier. It starts when you open the browser and ends when you close the browser screen again. As soon as you close the browser, all session cookies disappear. Session cookies are generally functional.

Further information about cookies

You can refuse the installation of cookies via your browser settings. You can also delete the already installed cookies from your computer or mobile device at any time. More information can be found via the ‘Help’ of your browser.

Last updated december 2019